Leading Experts Address Critical Men’s Health Topics at Life After Abuse Foundation’s Webinar


Life After Abuse Foundation, a leading non-profit organization committed to advancing men’s mental health, hosted a transformative webinar on June 29th, 2023, in commemoration of Men’s Health Month. The webinar, titled “Exploring The Factors Impacting Men’s Access & Acceptance of Physical, Reproductive and Mental Health Services,” aimed to shed light on the critical health challenges faced by men and inspire action to improve men’s mental well-being.

The event brought together a distinguished panel of experts who delved into various aspects of men’s health, including physical, sexual, reproductive, and mental well-being. These esteemed speakers shared their knowledge and insights on key topics, sparking meaningful discussions and promoting a deeper understanding of men’s health issues.

Halima Layeni, the Founder and Executive Director of Life After Abuse Foundation set the stage for the discussions by highlighting the pressing men’s issues and emphasizing the urgent need for global attention to men’s health.

In her opening address, Halima Layeni underscored the unique challenges faced by men that can significantly impact their physical and mental well-being. Citing statistics from the Mental Health Coalition, she revealed that approximately 6 million men grapple with depression each year, with men being four times more likely to die by suicide. Additionally, alcohol dependency affects one in every five men, further contributing to the complex landscape of men’s health.

Layeni emphasized that despite these alarming numbers, men often lack awareness of these issues or feel too embarrassed to openly discuss them. The stigma surrounding men’s mental health and the societal pressure to appear strong and unaffected often prevent men from seeking help and support when they need it the most. This silence perpetuates a cycle of suffering that can have devastating consequences for individuals and their communities.

Chinenye Orakwue, a Plant-Based Health Coach, and the CEO of Escoxtra Nutrition Shop, passionately addressed the audience, emphasizing the significance of dietary patterns and specific foods for men’s health. She explored how healthcare providers can effectively educate and motivate men to make dietary changes that lead to improved health outcomes. Her insights provided invaluable guidance on empowering men to make healthier choices.

Ebenezar Wakina, the Founder of Policy Shapers, offered a thought-provoking discussion on addressing men’s unique health challenges through effective policy measures. He particularly focused on mental health, preventative care, and access to healthcare services. By highlighting the importance of tailored policies, he inspired attendees to advocate for the necessary changes to ensure men’s holistic well-being.

Dr. Aderinsola Adelaja, a highly respected Medical Practitioner, delved into the most effective treatment options and interventions for men with diabetes or obesity. Furthermore, she shed light on the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases among men, discussing symptoms, prevention, treatment, and the urgent need to address the disproportionate rates. Dr. Adelaja’s expertise equipped attendees with crucial knowledge to combat these health challenges.

The webinar also featured Will Baptiste, a Fitness Coach and the Founder of Rising Men Alliance, who explored specific mental health issues that commonly affect men. By examining societal and cultural factors that contribute to these challenges, he prompted attendees to address these underlying factors and develop strategies for improving men’s mental health through physical fitness.

Dr. Adeyemi Levites, a highly regarded Healthcare Specialist, provided a comprehensive overview of prevalent health challenges encountered by men, encompassing sexual, reproductive, physical, and mental aspects. His extensive insights shed light on the multifaceted nature of men’s health issues and the need for integrated approaches to promote overall well-being.

Dr. Adetunji Ojo, another esteemed Public Health Specialist, delivered a compelling discussion on erectile dysfunction, addressing its causes, treatment options, and preventive measures. By raising awareness about this common condition and empowering men with knowledge, Dr. Ojo emphasized the importance of proactive healthcare for men’s sexual health.

Dr. Lovely Fidelis, a distinguished Urologist, emphasized the significance of prioritizing reproductive health. She expertly outlined the symptoms of prostate cancer and shared essential steps that men can take to protect their reproductive health, preventing potential complications later in life. He provided a valuable guide for attendees to prioritize their well-being.

Praises Kolawole, a Clinical Psychologist, offered effective strategies and therapeutic approaches for supporting men’s mental health. By addressing common issues such as depression, anxiety, and relationship difficulties, she empowered attendees with the tools to overcome these challenges and live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

The engaging discussions were skilfully moderated by Ebenezar Wikina, Change.org Campaign Strategist and Founder, Policy Shaper, Emmanuel Esubok, a representative from The Adams Project Africa, Elizabeth Williams, Founder, Sustainable Impact and Development Initiative and Jecinta Egbim, Founder, Friends Advocating for Mental Health Initiative. Their expertise ensured a seamless flow of information and an interactive platform for attendees.

Life After Abuse Foundation extends its heartfelt appreciation to the implementing partners, including Adeyemi Levites Company, Boys Lives Matter Foundation, Escoxtra Nutrition Shop, Friends Advocating For Mental Health Initiative, The Adams Project Africa, Policy Shapers, Sustainable Impact Development Initiative, and Will To Rise. Their support and collaboration made this event possible and showcased the power of collective action in addressing men’s health challenges.

The mobilization team and planning committee, consisting of Bola Daniel, Edinyanga Enang, Imoleoluwa Layeni, John Ekpeno, Mary Umanah, and Nkechi Macauly deserve special recognition for their tireless efforts in organizing this impactful webinar.

Life After Abuse Foundation urges governments, healthcare providers, corporations, NGOs, and individuals worldwide to take action in addressing men’s mental health issues. By creating supportive environments, breaking down barriers, and prioritizing men’s mental well-being, we can pave the way for healthier and happier lives for men everywhere.

About Life After Abuse Foundation:

Life After Abuse Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering survivors of abuse and raising awareness about the importance of mental health and overall well-being. Through various initiatives and events, the foundation aims to provide support, resources, and education to those affected by abuse, inspiring them to reclaim their lives and thrive. To learn more, visit www.laafng.org.


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